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I break the surface so Ican breathe
I close my eyes so I can see
I tie my arms to be free
Have you ever been free?
She's not breathing
She's not moving
She's not coming back
I burn a fire to stay cool
I burn myself,
I am the fuel
I never meant to be cruel
Have you ever been cruel?
She's not breathing
She's not moving
She's not coming back
Shut the door so I can leave
4.10.06 21:15

Porcupine Tree

A mother sings a lullaby to a child
Sometime in the future the boy goes wild
And all his nerves are feeling some kind of energy

A walk in the woods and I will try
Something under the trees that made you cry
It's so erotic when your make up runs

I got wiring loose inside my head
I got books that I never ever read
I got secrets in my garden shed
I got a scar where all my urges bled
I got people underneath my bed
I got a place where all my dreams are dead
Swim with me into your blackest eyes

A few minutes with me inside my van
Should be so beautiful if we can
I'm feeling something taking over me
9.10.06 18:45

Happen für zwischendurch ALF METAL

Song: Death Walks Behind You von Exhumed
9.10.06 21:03

Heaven Shall Burn

Words these words of freedom
A bequest never to be silenced

In this world of lies, the truth, it means resistance
To make the masses see and sense their needs

He healed so many aching hearts and wounds
And threw back the baseness
back to where it came from

Aspired from the middle of his brothers
Charged this suffering and oppression
One single voice became a storm
His words and melodies the weapon they fear

Threw back the baseness
back from where it came

Nobody is chosen to suffer
Nobody is destined to rule
Gagged his mouth but not his songs, the songs we sing
Fettered his hands but not the words he wrote
These songs we'll sing!
23.10.06 22:24


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